What is a Smoothie Bowl?

What is a smoothie bowl?

A thick smoothie is put in a bowl and then it is topped with various fresh or dried fruits, nuts, seeds etc. The combination is endless. You will need a spoon instead of a straw, smoothie bowls are eaten not slurped.

Super Healthy

Smoothie bowls are really healthy, seriously nourishing, easy to digestion and blissfully delicious. Of course, it does depend on how they are made and what ingredients are used.

More Filling

A smoothie bowl is more filling than a standard smoothie and certainly more interesting than a smoothie. They can be used for breakfast, lunch or a light supper. They can be taken to work or eat after a heavy workout.


Tempted with a dessert – have a smoothie bowl instead.

Juice Fast Alternative

As a naturopath & nutritional therapist people ask me about fasting (water or fruit juices or smoothies), but most confess they couldn’t or wouldn’t entertain one. Smoothie bowls would be the answer.  They make it easier than a juice fast to eat nothing but fresh raw natural healthy ingredients for a given length of time.

Ingredients for Smoothie Bowls

Check out a comprehensive list of ingredients for smoothie bowls click here

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