Test your own urine easily & simply

Please remember these are just indications. If you have any doubts check with your doctor.

The urine-reagent strip can tell you a lot about your health. They can easily be bought at any good pharmacy or from the internet without a prescription.  When you take a urine sample – make sure the container is clean and at first was a little into the toilet bowl, then wee the rest into the clean container. Check that the urine-reagent strips you buy include the tests you are looking for as they do vary a little. There are various colours on the strip and on the container, if all is well they will not change after dipping into your urine, in other words, the colours on the container will match up the strip. However, if one or two colours are different compared with the chart provided, redo the test later and if you have any doubts see your doctor. So what can you test with your urine-reagent strips?

Sugar – this detects sugar in your urine, especially if you suspect you might be pre- diabetic.

Ketones – can be in the urine without any disease being present if you are on an Atkins type diet – restricted or low or no carbohydrates and high in protein foods. Otherwise, ketones can appear in the urine of diabetics who are not controlling their diabetes very well.

pH – this simply tells you how alkaline/acidic your urine is. Just to remind you the number 7 is neutral, lower numbers are more acidic and higher numbers are more alkaline. Certain diets and metabolic conditions may lead to the production of various pH levels.  As diets can affect the reading a one-off change in colour might mean nothing. If you test your urine regularly and find the reading is consistently too high or too low then you should visit your doctor and explain your consistent readings, it might be a low-grade chronic urinary tract infection?

Protein – this is also known as albumin in the urine. To find a small amount of protein in the urine is quite normal for some people, but larger amounts could mean kidney disease.

Blood – in the urine could come from the kidneys, bladder or any of the tubes? Passing kidney stones could cause some bleeding when they scrap the urethra. Blood may be seen in the urine after an injury for instance from a collision during a football game or a car accident. Even if you cannot see blood in your urine sometimes blood can show up on your urine reagent strip. Test your urine and don’t ignore any changes and signs redo the test and see your doctor.


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