November, thoughts of Pumpkins and Thanksgiving

Mention pumpkin and most people think Halloween and Thanksgiving (in the UK we call it Harvest Festival). If this is the only time you buy a pumpkin you are missing out on a very nutritious food. The Native Americans used...Read More


Arthritis & the food connection

I often read things that orthodox practitioners write about how there is no evidence that natural nutrition can make any difference to conditions like arthritis - yet there are thousands of people who have changed their lifestyles and have reaped...Read More


Allergies, intollerance, delayed food reaction

There is much confusion about allergies & food intolerance. Maybe a better way to describe these conditions - instant allergies or true allergy, and delayed allergies. A true allergy is generally instant, someone who has a problem with peanuts unknowingly...Read More


7 reasons why it’s so difficult to change eating habits.

According to many surveys, there are many reasons or excuses people have as to why they can’t change their eating habits even if it means possibly living longer and suffering less. As one of many naturopaths and nutritional therapists working...Read More


Eucalyptus Leaves

The eucalyptus tree makes a welcome change in colour, its stands out for its silvery green round leaves. The leaves are thick and when rubbed together in your hands release a wonderful aroma that most people are familiar with. The...Read More