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Allergies, intollerance, delayed food reaction

There is much confusion about allergies & food intolerance. Maybe a better way to describe these conditions - instant allergies or true allergy, and delayed allergies. A true allergy is generally instant, someone who has a problem with peanuts unknowingly...Read More


Addictions can make you fat!

Addictions and Cravings Don’t skip this section, you may think because you don’t take recreational drugs or don’t smoke cigarettes or drink too much that addiction and cravings don't apply to you. I am talking about the everyday substances you...Read More


Natural Allergy Self Help

Are you someone who is plagued with allergies? If so, you might be using over-the-counter medicines and that is fine if it works for you. However, some people find medication doesn't work for them and the side-effects outweigh the benefits....Read More


Arthritis Intolerances and Allergies

Chronic joint pain of arthritis may be due to or triggered by allergies or intolerances. The pain and inflammation can be a direct consequence of a health problem or a symptom of another condition. Allergies can be misunderstood or confused...Read More


Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities and intolerances An intolerance to a certain food or food sensitivity could be due to a lack of a certain enzyme that digests that particular food. A common problem is the lack of lactase enzyme, which means it...Read More