blood pressure

8 things help reduce blood pressure naturally

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally There are several things you can do and take before considering pharmaceutical medications with their unwanted and in some cases very unpleasant side-effects. There is much on the market and in your own store cupboard that...Read More


Salt Awareness

World Action On Salt and Health (WASH) was established in 2005. It's an international team whose sole mission is to improve everyone's health by educating the public about their salt intake. A very important aspect of their work is encouraging...Read More


February is Heart Health Awareness Month

There is no dispute heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in many countries, so it's important to understand the risk factors in order to avoid becoming a statistic. One problem is the fact that cholesterol has...Read More

blood pressure

Blood Pressure

It is thought that about one-fifth of all adults suffer from high blood pressure. It is not possible to pinpoint any one particular cause. There maybe a number of reasons like smoking, too much caffeine, stress, too much salt, poor...Read More