November, thoughts of Pumpkins and Thanksgiving

Mention pumpkin and most people think Halloween and Thanksgiving (in the UK we call it Harvest Festival). If this is the only time you buy a pumpkin you are missing out on a very nutritious food. The Native Americans used...Read More


Parsley, more than a garnish

There are two types of parsley, one has flat open leaves the other has curly crinkled leaves. The roots, leaves and seeds all are used medicinally, even though most people view parsley as a bit of green sitting on the...Read More


Enzyme rich Papaya

Botanically this fruit is known as Carica papaya. The fruit contains vitamins A (beta carotene), B, C, and is a tonic, stomachic, stimulant, laxative, digestive, and rejuvenator. The ripe papaya fruit is very useful in digestive disorders and if taken...Read More


Diabetes and Heart Disease – reduce the odds

You may have prediabetes and not even know it! Diabetes is a serious disease but the good news is the risk can be quashed now or at least if you have diabetes the complications reduced or delayed by some healthful...Read More

Pixbae (pronounced piba), in English called peach-palm

As I have written before there are only three fruits and vegetables I don’t like – yuca, mamey and pixbae.  It's the fruit of the palm tree botanical name Bactris gasipaes, native to tropical regions especially South and Central America...Read More


Mamey Fruit

The fruit is almost round with a short fat stem (should still be attached when you buy), the skin is leathery, a light brown to a silvery-grey brown with a slightly rough texture. It grows to about 6 to 8...Read More



I read somewhere that over half the population over 65 will develop cataracts. Once the cataracts are fully developed surgery is the only answer, the damaged natural lens are replaced by artificial ones. Amazing! However, prevention is always better than...Read More


Change your thinking, on aging.

No one has found a ‘magic potion’ as yet, over the centuries so much energy and research has gone into the pursuit of the ‘fountain of youth’ but in recent years much light has been shed on the subject. Thanks...Read More