Arthritis & the food connection

I often read things that orthodox practitioners write about how there is no evidence that natural nutrition can make any difference to conditions like arthritis - yet there are thousands of people who have changed their lifestyles and have reaped...Read More


Joint Problems & Quality of Life

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Allergies, intollerance, delayed food reaction

There is much confusion about allergies & food intolerance. Maybe a better way to describe these conditions - instant allergies or true allergy, and delayed allergies. A true allergy is generally instant, someone who has a problem with peanuts unknowingly...Read More

leaky gut

Arthritis, possible leaky gut connection?

Leaky Gut I remember as a student over 25 years ago learning about a ‘leaky gut’, it is only now becoming mainstream news. The connection between diet and this condition is evident and it is probably affecting your health in...Read More


Arthritis, Self-help & Treatments

A comprehensive look at self-help strategies It is important to bear in mind there is no one supplement or treatment that will cure your arthritis, it takes a collection of things plus time and dedication. The 3 point strategy (number...Read More


8 Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Tips on a Budget

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Food cravings or addictions sabotaging any health program

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Treating arthritis means a change in diet – coping with withdrawal symptoms

Even if you don't believe that certain foods can cause arthritis (even indirectly) or that certain foods can help to treat your arthritis - it would be difficult to argue a healthier diet would not improve your general quality of...Read More