Culinary herbs and spices used medicinally

herbs and spicesCulinary Curatives

Culinary herbs and spices are every bit as therapeutic as the so-called ‘medicinal herbs and spices’.

There are many plants that fit into both culinary and medicinal categories.

This book only concentrates on the healing secrets of the culinary herbs and spices you can find in our kitchen cupboard or on the supermarket shelves.

You will learn how easy it is to use these herbs and spices to make your own medicinals for simple ailments for the whole family. Easily and economically.

Easily and economically.

It’s a good introduction to the healing properties of familiar flavours. The herbs and spices you have been using in your cooking, probably for years.

Now you can learn how to use them in different strengthens, for the whole family’s ailments.

This book will give you an insight as to how you can lead a healthier life. How you can enhance your immune system, improve digestion, circulation, cough or a sore throat, headaches and much more. In fact, help most common ailments.

Treat your own simple ailments without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Each herb or spice is explained in detail
  • How to make the various remedies
  • A to Z of conditions with the relevant herbs and spices
  • Dosage – age and size related

This book is a good foundation on how to easily make remedies – infusions (teas), decoctions, oils, tinctures and more. Each herb or spice can be made in one or more ways depending on the type of plant, your condition or preferences.

Please Note – The advice given in this book is not meant to replace a practitioner’s advice in times of more serious complaints. If in doubt you should seek out the advice of a qualified herbalist, naturopath or your doctor.

Buy today in US Dollars $4.99 below or British pounds £3.60 click here it’s a small investment for simple effective remedies sitting in your kitchen cupboard.

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