Arthritis, learn how treat your own naturally

e-book arthritisSharing my 25 years experience as a naturopath & nutritional therapist. Helping people with all sorts of painful chronic conditions at our clinic, esp Arthritis type conditions.

Everything you need to know to improve your own quality of life. A life with far less pain. Far less pharmaceutical medication like painkillers & antacids.

I know it’s sometimes hard to know what to believe as there is so much hype out there.  We have no ‘magic potion’ no ‘wonder pill’ to offer you for your arthritis.

We do have, however, a lot of knowledge and experience which we have now made available to you by instant download. No need to see us at the clinic.

Proven & easy to follow advice, giving you the tools you need to improve your own arthritis condition and other similar inflammatory conditions.

I won’t pretend that it doesn’t take a little time & some effort to change from degeneration into regeneration.

However, it’s totally achievable if you have a desire to succeed.

The rewards are truly HUGE. I have seen many people get better in many ways. Less pain, more energy, sleeping better, more mobility, better digestion and so much more.

3700 words, plus charts, infographics and images.

The all-important nutrition,
Inflammatory & anti-inflammatory foods,
Supplements from vitamins to herbs,
How your gut’s environment effects everything,
The body’s acid/alkaline balance,
Advice, if you are on a tight budget,
The importance of the detoxing organs,
How to use essential oils,
Shopping list,
Medication explained,
Treatments you can do at home for yourself,
Treatments with professionals, which ones are effective and so much more.

Buy it today below in US $19.99 or in British £14.50 click here.

For a small investment now you can have a better future and begin to feel better.

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