12 Essentials, for gaining health & well-being, losing & maintaining weight

The 12 Essentials you need to gain health & well-being, lose & maintain weight

Sharing my 26 years experience as a Naturopath & nutritional therapist. Designed by an experienced naturopath & an acupuncturist with many years experience.

There is no hype just information that works from an experienced naturopath.

Proven over many years of working with a lot of different people with various chronic conditions. What actually works? All will be revealed.

Each one of the 12 Essentials explained in detail. Plus recipes and tips.

I am a published author but recently decided to self-publish.

Each one explained in detail

Each one of the 12 Essentials is explained in detail. Plus recipes and tips.
From enzymes to antioxidants, laughter to protein and so very much more.

It is packed with information 79,000 words approx and images.

The 12 Essentials covers everything you need to know to be healthier and feel younger.

You would be rewarded with:

*a slowing down of the ageing process in general
*protecting all your organs
*lowering your weight in a healthy sustainable way
*improving skin
*a boost to your metabolism
*reduced or no fluid retention & cellulite
*better self-confidence
*more energy and vitality
*regained suppleness, reduced aches & pains
*better detoxification
*correcting deficiencies
*balance your blood sugar levels better
*reduced food cravings
*comfort eating
*feel & look healthier
*better sex drive
*deal with stress better
*improved muscle health
*better brain function
*stabilised mood swings
*improved circulation
*improved periods & less PMT
*having far less depression for those prone

It’s a small investment now, to find out how to gain real health, maintain weight loss and anti-ageing from experienced practitioners. There are no time constraints, it’s important you follow this program at your pace.

Buy it today in US $14.99 below or in British £10.50 click here

It’s a small investment to make for your long-term health, weight maintenance, anti-ageing and well-being.    Cart in the right column.


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