Digestive Problems, low stomach acid levels, simple home test

Digestive Problems

As we age our digestion struggles a bit more each decade, things we ate when we were young are now proving to cause discomfort and even pain. People automatically think if they have indigestion it must be a too much acid problem and reach for antacids. Yes, this could well be the problem but sometimes the problem is the reverse of what you think. Often acid levels are a little on the low side causing digestive discomfort and taking antacids will make this situation worse. We need correct level of stomach acid to digest protein properly, so that bacteria are destroyed, so minerals like calcium are broken down enough to allow absorption and utilization.


There is a simple test you can do at home for pennies.

Take a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda dissolved in some water (about 3 to 4oz)  you should drink this immediately on an empty stomach


The bicarbonate of soda should be converted into gases by you stomach acid, causing significant bloating and belching within five to ten minutes. If there is little or no belching, this could indicate low stomach acid. This simple test is an indication only. Try the measure below and see if they make a difference.


a) 1 tablespoon of good quality organic apple cider vinegar in a little water 30 minutes before a meal. Apple Cider Vinegar helps to encourage better levels of Hydrochloric acid levels in a totally natural and gentle way for better digestion. b) or take digestive enzymes with your main meals. c) and don’t eat too much at any given meal.

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