Addictions can make you fat!

Addictions and Cravings Don’t skip this section, you may think because you don’t take recreational drugs or don’t smoke cigarettes or drink too much that addiction and cravings don't apply to you. I am talking about the everyday substances you...Read More


The perfect fattening process for animals and humans?

How to fatten animals ready for market - The farmer restricts the amount of food the animal is allowed for a few days, then for a few days, the animals are allowed it to eat as before. Farmers have found...Read More


Weight-loss swap – one food for another

Breakfast Fried eggs, bacon and toast swap for boiled eggs and rice cakes Toast and cheese swap for rice cakes and hummus Breakfast cereals like for instance corn flakes have a huge glycemic value you will be hungry sooner in...Read More


The right fats are essential to your metabolism, weight-loss and health

Some fats are vital to weight-loss, for your metabolism and health! I know this comes as a surprise to some of you, as I have come across so many people who are ‘fat phobic’. If you want to switch your...Read More


Cellulite and/or fluid retention – in weight-loss

Cellulite and/or fluid retention This is a type of body fat found almost exclusively in women, and generally collects on the thighs and looks a little lumpy, often referred to as orange peel skin. Normal dieting doesn’t usually make that...Read More

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15 Strategies for weight loss

1) The bigger the plate, the bigger the glass, the bigger the bowl - the more you consume. During experiments, people were given different sizes of plates and bowls and told to help themselves - in most cases the people...Read More

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Thyroid gland, natural compounds in food hinder its function & weight-loss

Most people would certainly consider natural foods as good for them, enhancing their health and even helping them to lose weight. But there are usually exceptions to most rules. It is not so well-known that some foods can actually hinder...Read More


9 herbs, help encourage health, metabolism and weight-loss

9 herbs that will encourage better health, metabolism and weight-loss. All the herbs listed are easy to find in capsules, tea or tinctures. 1) Milk Thistle encourages the liver to function better, helps to reduce fluid retention and cellulite. 2...Read More


A to Z health gain and weight-loss

Weight-loss and health Artificial sweeteners should be banned from your diet. In many studies done on humans and animals, artificial sweeteners encouraged the appetite and cravings for sweet and fatty foods! Not an ideal situation when you are trying to...Read More


Japanese Daikon Radish – excellent detox and slimming vegetable

Daikon Radish also called Chinese or Japanese radish, in Thailand it is known as phak ka hua. In latin Raphanus sativas is its botanical name. I am sure you have seen this radish many times at the supermarket or in...Read More