7 reasons why it’s so difficult to change eating habits.

According to many surveys, there are many reasons or excuses people have as to why they can’t change their eating habits even if it means possibly living longer and suffering less. As one of many naturopaths and nutritional therapists working...Read More


Nutrition awareness, dont wait 20 years

Someone said to me the other day how people are becoming far more aware of the food and health connection. Yes, I thought to myself but few actually do much about it. Approximately thirty years ago when I started my...Read More


Carrageenan is linked to inflammation

What is carrageenan? It's a controversial food additive, allowed in many "organic" food products. It is a common practice for non-organic but essential ingredients to find their way into organic foods. An example would be baking powder in organic baked...Read More


Imbalance of human growth hormone & cortisol as we age

Human Growth Hormone our youth hormone declines Maintains brain maintains muscle mass Increases immune function Keeps skin from thinning Balances insulin levels Slows down fat storage Protects against heart disease Slows down ageing in general Cortisol our ageing hormone increases...Read More


Dairy-Free Challenge one month

Take up the challenge of going dairy-free for just one month. So, why would you? A huge proportion of people have milk protein and/or lactose intolerances without being aware. These intolerances have been linked to a wide variety of symptoms...Read More


Salt Awareness

World Action On Salt and Health (WASH) was established in 2005. It's an international team whose sole mission is to improve everyone's health by educating the public about their salt intake. A very important aspect of their work is encouraging...Read More


5 main inflammatory substances – learn how to quell them.

There are five inflammatory substances the body produces in response to various factors - environmental pollution, metabolic by-products, nutritional deficiencies and poor food choices, structural stress, digestive problems, infections, and pharmaceutical drugs. 1) Histamine - the mast cells produce histamine,...Read More


10 simple things to improve absorption of calcium and other minerals

Taking these steps will help prevent osteoporosis but will also help the body get the minerals it needs to calm the appetite. 1) Generally, we should be eating natural foods, as close as nature intended. We should be eating foods...Read More