Multi-faceted Alternative Treatment for Asthma

As a team of alternative practitioners (acupuncturist, chiropractors and naturopath) we help people with chronic diseases, using our collective expertise. This might include acupuncture, nutrition, exercise, breathing properly, reducing stress, herbs and aromatherapy, to bring about a change in that...Read More


Asthma, herbs used for centuries

Herbs have been used for centuries, and when used with diet and lifestyle changes are very successful in helping conditions like asthma, allergies, hayfever, etc Stinging nettles are weeds growing in United States, Europe and many other countries. They are...Read More


Hydrate or suffer – very important for asthma

Hydrate It has been noted that many asthma suffers see improves In their symptoms when they get well hydrated when they drink hydrating fluids and remove dehydrating fluids. Research shows that so many people are dehydrated - for those that...Read More


Medical Herbalism and Asthma Alternative Treatment

Herbalism Using herbs to treat and heal is as old as the human race, today 70% of the world's population still uses this form of therapy. Some of the sickness nations in the world have almost abandoned using this type...Read More


Common kitchen herbs and spices for asthma

The common herbs and spices in your kitchen cupboard can help your lung function, allergies, immune system, and inflammation. So add more to your everyday cooking. Turmeric - this is a spice that is well-known for its use in Indian...Read More


Asthma and keeping a journal

Use a diary/journal to record your - Food intake Treatments Symptoms Emotions Supplements and herbs Medications Attacks Stressful events Any thing that you think will help and you think is relevant Most people are surprised to discover how invaluable the...Read More


Asthma and Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is extremely popular in Asia, taken by many people especially as they get older. It is reported to be the world's oldest living species, a large tree that is resistant to just about anything, and living for hundreds...Read More


Lung diseases alternative treatments

Recurrent long-term asthma or bronchitis can result in something known as COAD chronic obstructive airways disease, a narrowing of the lung's passages. This could also be the end-result to smoking, fumes and industrial pollution. This progressive restriction of the airways...Read More


Asthma Help with Perilla Oil

Perilla oil Perilla frutescens (L.) has a positive effect on numerous conditions, being in a similar league to fish and flax oils. Perilla oil is an extract from the Asian Beefsteak plant, a rich source of omega-3 but cheaper than...Read More