Basic Herbal Preparations

Various Herbal Preparations Infusion - is like making tea. Pour boiling water over dry or fresh leaves and/or flower heads. Leave to steep (soak) for about 10 to 15 minutes. Strain out the plant matter and use or drink. Infusions...Read More


14 Essential Oils for Aches and Pains

Easy Aromatherapy for inflammation and pain Essential oils are very helpful in combatting pain. I have chosen 14 common economical but very effective essential oils for their pain relieving abilities, anti-inflammatory properties, and versatility. In other words, can also be...Read More


9 Essential Oils for Weight-Loss

Learn how these 9 essential oils can help you lose weight naturally Some of the essential oils help with weight loss directly, while others help indirectly and may not seem so obvious - helping the liver will encourage weight-loss, as...Read More


Cayenne pain relieving oil, make your own

Cayenne fruit contains a plant compound called capsaicin it has the ability to block chemical messages in our bodies called substance P, that transmits the sensation of pain. This herb is very good for the aches and pains associated with...Read More

leaf and root

Dandelion, good for skin conditions to hepatitis

This is a video of the dandelion taken from BBC's The Private Life of Plants documentary series. Of course, we all know the dandelion and most gardeners don't particularly like them. But they are well worth collecting as dandelion has...Read More


Prostaglandins – inflammation and arthritis connection

Prostaglandins are hormone-like substances that affect every aspect of your health. There are over 30 different types that have been identified so far. These hormone-like substances fall into three main categories, depending on which fatty acid they are made from....Read More