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8 things help reduce blood pressure naturally

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally There are several things you can do and take before considering pharmaceutical medications with their unwanted and in some cases very unpleasant side-effects. There is much on the market and in your own store cupboard that...Read More


Protect your brain function

Brain Function Protected Most of us worry about losing our memory and cognitive skills as we age. Apparently, there is a test done in the lab that can access your susceptibility to dementia, they test your genotype. Even if this...Read More


Reduce auto-intoxication

How does auto-intoxication happen? Constipation is a common complaint, especially among woman and can get worse as we age. If you have a tendency to get constipated you need to resolve this situation by making it your priority. Solving this...Read More


Your liver, help it maintain your health

Our liver is under rated, over worked and taken for granted. Yet this organ serves several very important functions, not least detoxification. However, there’s a limit to what the liver can take on a daily basis year after year. Especially...Read More


20 Strategies for sleeping better

It is so depressing not being able to sleep properly for anyone, but much worse if your pain is preventing you from sleep properly. Many arthritis sufferers send hours lying awake at night and it's hard not to focus on...Read More