November, thoughts of Pumpkins and Thanksgiving

Mention pumpkin and most people think Halloween and Thanksgiving (in the UK we call it Harvest Festival). If this is the only time you buy a pumpkin you are missing out on a very nutritious food. The Native Americans used...Read More

vegetable stock

Vegetable, meat stock, how to make your own and why.

Vegetable stocks form the basis of soups and can be used for a whole host of other recipes like stews, curries, cook rice or quinoa in your stock instead of water adding flavour and goodness. READ LABELS I found these...Read More


Enzyme rich Papaya

Botanically this fruit is known as Carica papaya. The fruit contains vitamins A (beta carotene), B, C, and is a tonic, stomachic, stimulant, laxative, digestive, and rejuvenator. The ripe papaya fruit is very useful in digestive disorders and if taken...Read More


Japanese Daikon Radish – excellent detox and slimming vegetable

Daikon Radish also called Chinese or Japanese radish, in Thailand it is known as phak ka hua. In latin Raphanus sativas is its botanical name. I am sure you have seen this radish many times at the supermarket or in...Read More


Carrots are particularly good for the liver

Most people like carrots, another vegetable that is particularly good for the liver. An excellent detoxification food. Anything that encourages the liver will ultimately help the whole system to function better. This vegetable is more effective when eaten raw like...Read More

Beet root is extremely cleansing

Beet root is renowned for being a powerful detoxifier, especially to the blood, liver, intestines, kidneys, and gall bladder. It also helps speed up the circulation and metabolism. Juice made with beetroot, cabbage, and parsley is extremely cleansing. Go easy...Read More


Okra helps constipation, bloating and gas

 Okra This vegetable is well-known in Indian cooking and down south in North America. This vegetable is related to the cotton family. Approximately the size of one’s little finger, green elongated, tapered ridged pods containing seeds with a slimy texture...Read More


Fresh pineapple reduces inflammation

No need to describe this fruit we all recognise this one. All fresh fruits including pineapple are packed with enzymes, however, pineapple is well-known for being packed with an enzyme called bromelain. This gives the fruit some amazing natural anti-inflammatory...Read More