Milk Thistle helps improve liver function

Milk Thistle Silybum marianum is synonymous with the liver. Since the first century A.D., Dr. Dioscorides noted that milk thistle root was good as an antidote to poisoning. Besides the root the seeds were also used over the centuries, they...Read More


9 herbs, help encourage health, metabolism and weight-loss

9 herbs that will encourage better health, metabolism and weight-loss. All the herbs listed are easy to find in capsules, tea or tinctures. 1) Milk Thistle encourages the liver to function better, helps to reduce fluid retention and cellulite. 2...Read More


Asthma, herbs used for centuries

Herbs have been used for centuries, and when used with diet and lifestyle changes are very successful in helping conditions like asthma, allergies, hayfever, etc Stinging nettles are weeds growing in United States, Europe and many other countries. They are...Read More


Medical Herbalism and Asthma Alternative Treatment

Herbalism Using herbs to treat and heal is as old as the human race, today 70% of the world's population still uses this form of therapy. Some of the sickness nations in the world have almost abandoned using this type...Read More


Asthma and Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is extremely popular in Asia, taken by many people especially as they get older. It is reported to be the world's oldest living species, a large tree that is resistant to just about anything, and living for hundreds...Read More


Eucalyptus Leaves

The eucalyptus tree makes a welcome change in colour, its stands out for its silvery green round leaves. The leaves are thick and when rubbed together in your hands release a wonderful aroma that most people are familiar with. The...Read More

Boldo is particularly good for the liver

The plant is an evergreen tree that grows to about 18 feet with small berries, but it is the leaf that is of most interest and been used for centuries medicinally. In this case, the plant is either male or...Read More

Reducing stress with Rhodiola Rosea

Besides helping your body deal with stress this herb has other amazing health properties’, making it a very noteworthy addition to your supplement program, protecting you from life’s daily hassles. Remember anything that helps the body to cope and reduce...Read More