leaky gut

Arthritis, possible leaky gut connection?

Leaky Gut I remember as a student over 25 years ago learning about a ‘leaky gut’, it is only now becoming mainstream news. The connection between diet and this condition is evident and it is probably affecting your health in...Read More


Improvements on a gluten-free diet

For some people, it is hard to believe that gluten can cause so much destruction and could be contributing to their suffering. We have to tell them in order to treat serious conditions like arthritis, asthma, auto-immune problems, and various...Read More


Gluten is not recommended with inflammatory conditions like arthritis

Gluten is a substance that is very difficult to digest and as we get older this substance becomes even more difficult to digest. It's a substance found in foods that most people over-dose on each and every day. A large...Read More


My personal experience with anaemia and celiac

As a naturopath and nutritional therapist, I hadn’t been to the doctor for many years. Some 10 years ago I dragged myself to the doctors as my tiredness and weakness had become intolerable. I was surprised and embarrassed to feel...Read More


Gluten-Free Challenge

This is a subject close to my heart for two reasons professionally and personally - as a naturopath and nutritional therapist and a sufferer of celiac disease. During my 22 years or more of working with people with chronic diseases,...Read More


7 reasons why you should cut down on wheat.

Is wheat bad for you? As a naturopath, this is a question I am often asked. The bowel lining has tiny little villa that increases the absorption surface area to the size of a football pitch. The gluten in certain...Read More


9 different grains

Amaranth (gluten-free) is similar to quinoa, a small round seed pale in colour. Used by the ancient Aztecs as a valuable food. Recently, it has been discovered that in areas of Africa and Latin America where it is consumed, malnutrition...Read More


From celiac disease (Sprue) to a gluten problem

Mis-diagnosed and/or under-diagnosed is the general consensus. It is thought that this problem is grossly under diagnosed and that far more people have the problem than we realize. What is celiac disease? In a nut shell - the protein 'gluten'...Read More