Bran is fiber, so it must be good for you! It’s NOT, here’s why.

Wheat Bran I am sure you have heard many times that fibre is ‘good for you’ and that most people are not getting enough of it. The food industry refines food. That does this mean? It means the industry removes...Read More


9 different grains

Amaranth (gluten-free) is similar to quinoa, a small round seed pale in colour. Used by the ancient Aztecs as a valuable food. Recently, it has been discovered that in areas of Africa and Latin America where it is consumed, malnutrition...Read More

Beans, making them easier to digest

Beans As an arthritis sufferer, you may have read how cutting down on meat will help to relieve inflammation by cutting down on foods that encourage the production of arachidonic acids, certain prostaglandins, and hence inflammation and pain. I am...Read More


Muesli – make your own healthy cereal

Muesli Oat flakes - 2 cups, Brown rice flakes - 2 cups, Nuts, raw walnuts, almonds, hazel nuts broken pieces - 1 cup, Seeds - pumpkin, flax, sunflower etc - 1 cup, Dried fruit - apricots, dates, raisins chopped 1...Read More