Can you eat too much protein?

Dangers of a high-protein diet:

High acidic levels, cause disease states
Increased risk of gout
Increased risk of kidney disease or damage (this has been widely published)
Increased risk of osteoporosis
Increased risk of colon cancer
Increased risk of heart disease
Increased risk of dehydration

Too much protein leads to excess ammonia causing damage to the tissue of the brain, kidneys and liver. Our organs need to turn this excess ammonia into a less harmful substance called urea. Excess urea is a contributing factor in conditions like gout, arthritis and general tissue damage. Such a diet is also extremely low in essential fatty acids, and low in plant foods that are high in protective nutrients, fibre, antioxidants, enzymes etc.

So how and why do high protein weight-loss diets work in the short-term?

1) If you eat a high protein diet – calories per day can be low, as low as only 500? Low in calorie is one reason.

2) One food besides sugar that creates huge problems is white flour. It can cause over eating, addiction, fluid retention, food intolerance and a whole host of other things. Many people have eaten products made from white flour (whether on a diet or not) morning, noon and night, seven days a week.

Now on a high-protein diet, they are off these foods. This is another reason they lose weight in the short-term.

However, this can be achieved without resorting to a high-protein diet, which is unhealthy and some cases dangerous.

These white flour products often contain some form of sugar and/or processed fats. These foods encourage overeating as they are addictive, lack fibre and nutrients. They can cause all sorts of problems from Irritable Bowel Syndrome to being bloated to retaining fluids. These foods irritate the bowel lining hindering the absorption of nutrients.

For most people who go on a high-protein diet, they stop eating the mountain of white flour products with sugar and refined fats. This is a very significant point as it is this fact that helps you to lose weight, not the high-protein diet itself.

3) Some dieters who have religiously avoided fat, are now on a high-protein diet start to eat fat, which slows down digestion and suppresses their appetite. This can also be achieved in a healthy weight-loss way.

4) A high protein diet encourages the production of ketones. Until our kidneys get rid of them, ketones suppress our appetite. However, ketones can and do damage our kidneys and liver! Not worth the risk, especially if you have any weaknesses in these organs and bear in mind you wouldn’t necessarily know.

So instead of swapping one set of problems for another set of problems – too many refined products for too much protein.



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