8 things help reduce blood pressure naturally

Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

There are several things you can do and take before considering pharmaceutical medications with their unwanted and in some cases very unpleasant side-effects. There is much on the market and in your own store cupboard that can help reduce your high blood pressure that have many positive side-effects. As a naturopath, I believe in pharmaceutical medication as a totally last resort when everything else has been tried. In most cases, natural intervention with natural remedies is very effective, healthier and most often cheaper.

Garlic, Onions and Leeks as food or garlic capsules

I am sure you have read how garlic and onions are good for reducing blood pressure. There are some of you that absolutely hate garlic, in this case, you could take garlic capsules. I don’t like garlic or onions but I do like leeks, they seem to taste different and don’t have the same effect on me. So you could consider using leeks more often or maybe cook with spring onions they are milder again.

Cinnamon powder, tubes or capsules

You probably have the spice cinnamon in your cupboard, put it out with the salt and pepper to remind you to use it when you have porridge or any breakfast muesli for that matter. Put cinnamon in your smoothies, sprinkle over anything that is suitable. Or buy the bark/tubes and make a tea from it (boil 1 large cup of water per teaspoon of spice), drink a cup (without milk or sugar) on a regular basis. Cinnamon can also be bought in capsule form.

Cardamom whole pods for making tea

The spice cardamom is my favourite, the aroma is just amazing. These seed pods can be added to the cinnamon sticks when making tea. Drink one cup three times a day (boil 1 large cup of water per teaspoon of spice).

Olive Oil organic and cold pressed

Organic cold pressed (virgin) olive oil, bought in dark glass bottles. For maximum benefit do not heat this oil. Use in homemade salad dressings and drizzle over cooked vegetables etc. Olives contain omega-9 essential fatty acid, as do avocados. Add avocados to your shopping list too.

Oregano Herb

The herb oregano contains a plant compound known as carvacrol. In trials, it was shown to reduce blood pressure. Add this herb more often to your cooking or buy the capsules.

Hawthorn berry tea or capsules

Hawthorn is a berry found in our hedgerow. This is a wonderful therapeutic herb that helps the heart and the blood stream. The berries can be collected and dried in early autumn or tea bought ready to use. Once dried, crush them and use to make a tea. Alternatively, buy the capsules of Hawthorne berry extract.

Important – don’t take all the above in capsule form. Decide which one or two and take the rest in food and as a therapeutic tea. For instance take garlic capsules & Hawthorn capsules, cardamoms as a tea one cup three times a day.  Cinnamon, oregano, olive oil much more in food.


Consider everything you eat and drink – record it all for a week. Then take a close look at it and see where you could easily and happily make changes. Sometimes it’s purely due to a habit that we eat or drink certain things. Once we identify which ones it’s pretty easy to swap for a healthier alternative. Most importantly are you dehydrated? Do you drink too many dehydrating drinks and not enough water. Drinks like coffee, black tea, alcohol, soft drinks (sodas) etc. Make sure to drink more hydrating drinks to help maintain a healthy blood pressure. Could you also be eating too many dry foods especially with too much salt?

Hobbies are important

If you don’t have a hobby it’s important to find one. Hobbies have been shown to be very good for us in many ways. They help to lower blood pressure, create a sense of satisfaction and well-being, help us focus on something other than our problems. Hobbies could be anything from walking the dog, learning a new language, sewing, drawing, golf, yoga, colouring, helping in a charity shop, making something. It can be anything you enjoy.

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